Tokyo Paralympics 2021 Event Schedule/Fixtures, Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The Tokyo Summer Paralympics 2021 (Also known as Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games) is a major international multi-sport event for athletes with disabilities governed by the International Paralympic Committee and the 16th Summer Paralympic Games that will take place in Tokyo, Japan from 24 August to 5 September 2021. These Games will see the introduction of badminton and taekwondo to the Paralympic programme.

Host City: Tokyo, Japan
Motto: United by Emotion
Athletes: 4400 athletes expected to participate
Events: 540 in 22 sports
Dates: 24 August 2021 – 5 September 2021
Stadium: Japan National Stadium

540 Events in 22 sports will be held in the 2020-21 Tokyo Summer Paralympics. Cycling events will be split into road and track disciplines. Team events of goalball, sitting volleyball, and wheelchair basketball continue as men’s and women’s events, wheelchair rugby continues to be a mixed event, while 5-a-side-football will only be open to male competitors.

  1. Archery
  2. Athletics
  3. Badminton
  4. Boccia
  5. Cycling – Road, Track
  6. Equestrian
  7. Football
  8. Goalball
  9. Judo
  10. Paracanoe
  11. Triathlon
  12. Powerlifting
  13. Rowing
  14. Shooting
  15. Sitting volleyball
  16. Swimming
  17. Table tennis
  18. Taekwondo
  19. Wheelchair
  20. Wheelchair fencing
  21. Wheelchair rugby
  22. Wheelchair tennis

Tokyo 2021 Paralympics Torch Relay will be held in Shizuoka, Chiba, Saitama, and Tokyo for eight days from August 17 to 24.

Heartnet TV Paramania – Schedule: August 23 (Mon) 8:00pm-8:30pm

Sarameshi – Special Midsummer 2021 – Schedule: August 17 (Tue) from 7:30pm to 8:43pm

Ani x Para Special – Schedule: August 20 (Fri) 10:00pm-11:13pm and Schedule: August 23 (Mon) 7:00pm-7:50pm, 8:00pm-8:49pm

Ani x Para World – Schedule: August 10 to 13, 16 to 20 and 23, 6:10pm-6:30pm

Para x Doki! – Schedule: August 10 to 13, 16 to 20 and 23, 6:30pm-6:45pm

50 Voices – Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Cheering Special
Schedule: August 18 (Wed) 8:15pm-8:42pm

Tokyo Paralympics 2021 Event Schedule

Tokyo Paralympics 2021 Schedule

Date Event Timing
August 24 Opening ceremony 8 – 11pm
August 25 Cycling track 10am–3:25pm
August 25 Goalball 11:45am, 1:15–4pm, 5:30–9:45pm
August 25 Swimming 11:45am, 5–9:05pm
August 25 Table tennis 9am–2:20pm, 4–10pm
August 25 Wheelchair basketball 9–1pm, 2:45–6:45pm, 8:30–10:15pm
August 25 Wheelchair fencing 9am–2pm, 3:30–8:15pm
August 25 Wheelchair rugby 11:30am–3:45pm, 5:30–9:45pm
August 26 Cycling track 10am–4:40pm
August 26 Equestrian 3–10:35pm
August 26 Goalball 11:45am, 1:15–4pm, 5:30–9:45pm
August 26 Powerlifting 11am–2:20pm (M) and 4:30–7:50pm
August 26 Swimming 9–11:25am, 5–8:35pm
August 26 Table tennis 9am–2:20pm, 4–10pm
August 26 Wheelchair basketball 9–1pm, 2:45–6:45pm and 8:30–10:15pm
August 26 Wheelchair fencing 9am–3:40pm and 5–9:45pm
August 26 Wheelchair rugby 11:30am–3:45pm and 5:30–9:45pm
August 27 Archery 9am–12pm, 2–5pm
August 27 Athletics 9:30am–12:50pm, 7–10pm
August 27 Cycling track 10am–4:30pm
August 27 Equestrian 3–10:20pm
August 27 Goalball 9–11:45am, 1:15–4pm, 5:30–9:45pm
August 27 Judo 10:30am–1:30pm, 4–6:40pm
August 27 Powerlifting 11am–2:20pm, 4:30–7:50pm
August 27 Rowing 9:30am–12:10pm
August 27 Sitting volleyball 10–11:30am, 2–3:30pm, 6:30–10pm
August 27 Swimming 9–11:10am, 5–8:30pm
August 27 Table tennis 9am–2:20pm, 4–10pm
August 27 Wheelchair basketball 9–1pm, 2:45–6:45pm, 8:30–10:15pm
August 27 Wheelchair fencing 8:30am–4pm, 5:30–9:15pm
August 27 Wheelchair rugby 11:30am–3:45pm, 5:30–9:45pm
August 27 Wheelchair tennis 11am–8pm
August 28 Archery 9am–2:55pm, 5:30–9:55
August 28 Athletics 9:30am–12:50pm, 7–10pm
August 28 Boccia 9:30am–2:20pm, 4–8:50pm
August 28 Cycling track 10am–1:15pm
August 28 Equestrian 5–10:10pm
August 28 Goalball 9–11:45am, 1:15–4pm, 5:30–9:45pm
August 28 Judo 10:30am–1:30pm, 4–6:40pm
August 28 Powerlifting 11am–2:20pm, 4:30–7:50pm
August 28 Rowing 9:30am–12:10pm
August 28 Sitting volleyball 10–11:30am, 2–3:30pm, 6:30–10pm
August 28 Swimming 11:35am, 5–8:40pm
August 28 Table tennis 9am–3pm, 4:30–9:30pm
August 28 Triathlon 6:30–11am
August 28 Wheelchair basketball 9–1pm, 2:45–6:45pm, 8:30–10:15pm
August 28 Wheelchair fencing 9am–3pm, 4:30–9:15pm
August 28 Wheelchair rugby 11:30am–3:45pm, 5:30–9:45pm
August 28 Wheelchair tennis 11am–8pm
August 29 Archery 9am–2:10pm, 5:30–8:55pm
August 29 Athletics 9:30am–12:50pm, 7–10:05pm
August 29 Boccia 9:30am–2:20pm, 4–8:50pm
August 29 Equestrian 6–8:45pm
August 29 Football 5-a-side 9am–1pm, 4:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
August 29 Goalball 9–11:45am, 1:15–4pm, 5:30–9:45pm
August 29 Judo 10:30am–2pm, 4:30–7:50pm
August 29 Powerlifting 11am–2:20pm, 4:30–7:50pm
August 29 Rowing 9:30am–12:20pm
August 29 Sitting volleyball 10–11:30am, 2–3:30pm, 6:30–10pm
August 29 Swimming 9–11:35am, 5–8:25pm
August 29 Table tennis 10am–2pm, 4–8pm
August 29 Triathlon 6:30–11:10am
August 29 Wheelchair basketball 9–1pm, 2:45–6:45pm 8:30–10:15pm
August 29 Wheelchair fencing 8:30am–4pm, 5:30–9:15pm
August 29 Wheelchair rugby 2–4pm, 6–8:15pm
August 29 Wheelchair tennis 11am–8pm
August 30 Archery 9am–2:15pm, 5:30–9:20pm
August 30 Athletics 9:30am–1pm, 7–10pm
August 30 Boccia 9:30am–2:20pm, 4–8:50pm
August 30 Equestrian 3–10:15pm
August 30 Football 9am–1pm, 4:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
August 30 Goalball 9–11:45am, 1:15–4pm, 5:30–8:15pm
August 30 Powerlifting 11am–2:20pm, 4:30–7:50pm
August 30 Shooting 8:30am–4:45pm
August 30 Sitting volleyball 10–11:30am, 2pm–3:30pm, 6:30–10pm
August 30 Swimming 9–11:35am, 5–8:50pm
August 30 Table tennis 10am–2pm, 4–8pm
August 30 Wheelchair basketball 9am–1pm, 2:45–6:45pm, 8:30–10:15pm
August 30 Wheelchair tennis 11am–8pm
August 31 Archery 10am–2:15pm, 5:30–9:20pm
August 31 Athletics 9:30am–12:45pm, 7–10:05pm
August 31 Boccia 9:30am–2:20pm, 4–7:45pm
August 31 Cycling road 8am–5:15pm
August 31 Football 1:15–4:15pm, 5:45–8:45pm
August 31 Goalball 9am–1pm, 4:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
August 31 Shooting 9:30am–3:30pm
August 31 Sitting volleyball 10–11:30am, 2pm–3:30pm, 6:30–10pm
August 31 Swimming 9–11:30am, 5–8:35pm
August 31 Table tennis 10am–2:30pm, 4:30–9pm
August 31 Wheelchair basketball 9–10:45am, 12:30–4:30pm, 6:15–10:15pm
August 31 Wheelchair tennis 12pm–8pm
September 1 Athletics 9:30am–12:40pm, 7–9:50pm
September 1 Badminton 9:30am–1:25pm, 3:15–7:45pm
September 1 Boccia 6–10pm
September 1 Cycling road 9:30am–5:05pm
September 1 Goalball 1:15–4:15pm, 5:45–8:45pm
September 1 Shooting 9:30am–2:45pm
September 1 Sitting volleyball 10–11:30am, 2pm–3:30pm, 6:30–10pm
September 1 Swimming 9–11:20am, 5–8:40pm
September 1 Table tennis 10am–4pm, 5:30–9:30pm
September 1 Wheelchair basketball 9–10:45am, 12:30–4:30pm, 6:15–10:15pm
September 1 Wheelchair tennis 11am–8pm
September 2 Archery 10am–2:15pm, 5:30–7:55pm
September 2 Athletics 9:30am–12:55pm, 7–10:05pm
September 2 Badminton 9am–9pm
September 2 Boccia 9:30am–12:55pm, 2:25–7:45pm
September 2 Canoe sprint 9:30am–11:40pm
September 2 Cycling road 9:30am–4:45pm
September 2 Football 5-a-side 1:15–4:15pm, 5:45–8:45pm
September 2 Goalball 9am–1pm, 4:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
September 2 Shooting 8:45am–4:45pm
September 2 Sitting volleyball 1:30–5pm, 6:30–10pm
September 2 Swimming 9–11:35am, 5–8:50pm
September 2 Table tennis 10am–3:30pm, 5–9pm
September 2 Taekwondo 10am–3pm, 5–10:10pm
September 2 Wheelchair basketball 12:30–4:30pm, 6:15–10:15pm
September 2 Wheelchair tennis 12–8pm
September 3 Archery 10am–2:15pm, 5:30–9:55pm
September 3 Athletics 9:30am–12:55pm, 7–9:55pm
September 3 Badminton 9am–9pm
September 3 Boccia 9:30am–12:55pm, 2:25–7:35pm
September 3 Canoe sprint 9:30am–12:10pm
September 3 Cycling road 9:30am–4:45pm
September 3 Goalball 1:15–4:15pm, 5:45–9:55pm
September 3 Shooting 9:30am–4:30pm
September 3 Sitting volleyball 1:30–7pm, 6:30–10pm
September 3 Swimming 9–11:35am, 5–9pm
September 3 Table tennis 10am–3:30pm, 5–9pm
September 3 Taekwondo 10am–3pm, 5–10:10pm
September 3 Wheelchair basketball 12:30–4:30pm, 6:15–10:15pm
September 3 Wheelchair tennis 12–6pm
September 4 Archery 10am–12:40pm, 5:30–8:35pm
September 4 Athletics 9:30am–12:40pm, 7–10pm
September 4 Badminton 9am–9pm
September 4 Boccia 9:30am–1:50pm, 3:20–9:05pm
September 4 Canoe sprint 9:30am–12:30pm
September 4 Football 9:30am–3:45pm
September 4 Shooting 11:30am–1pm, 5:30–7:35pm
September 4 Sitting volleyball 2–10pm
September 4 Taekwondo 10am–3pm, 5–10:10pm
September 4 Wheelchair basketball 2:15–4pm, 5:45–10pm
September 4 Wheelchair tennis 12–6pm
September 5 Closing ceremony 8–10:30pm
September 5 Athletics 6:30–11:30am
September 5 Badminton 9am–1pm
September 5 Shooting 9:30am–12:30pm
September 5 Sitting volleyball 10am–1pm
September 5 Wheelchair basketball 10am–2:30pm
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