Tallawahs dismiss Gayle’s claims, Sarwan not behind Gayle ouster

Tallawahs dismiss Gayle’s claims, Sarwan not behind Gayle ouster

Jamaica Tallawahs have dismissed Chris Gayle’s claims that Ramnaresh Sarwan was behind his ouster from his home franchise ahead of CPL 2020. In an outburst, released in a personal video on YouTube on Monday, Gayle also blamed Tallawahs chief executive officer Jeff Miller and owner Krish Persaud for playing a game with him.

A statement from the Tallawahs franchise said:

The ownership and management of the Jamaica Tallawahs were disappointed to see the comments made by Mr. Christopher Gayle about his departure from the Tallawahs, as we would much rather have had these discussions in private. Mr. Gayle gave several reasons for the decision that was made not to retain him in the Tallawahs. However, the truth is that this decision was made collectively by the ownership and management team, which did not include Mr. Ramnaresh Sarwan, and based purely on business and cricketing reasoning. The Tallwahs clarified that they had let go of Gayle to rebuild for the upcoming season, having finished last in 2019. The Tallawahs had a very disappointing season in CPL 2019, where the team finished last in the tournament. The ownership and management team has exercised its rights in the selection of players for CPL 2020 for the betterment of the team. The ownership and management of the Tallawahs will not be making any further comment on this matter as we are focusing on building the team for the future.

The statement from management came after Chris Gayle lashed out at Sarwan for his ouster:

Sarwan, you are worse than the coronavirus right now. What transpired with the Tallawahs, I know you have a big part to play in this. Because you and the owner are like this. You claim we are friends, but yet still, you don’t pick up the phone and call. Sarwan, you were the one at my last birthday party here in Jamaica, on the platform giving a big speech on how far we have come. Sarwan, you are a snake, he said. You’re so vindictive, you are still immature, you are still stabbing people in the back. When are you going to change, Sarwan, When are you planning to change? We were roommates, we shared the same room, You allowed the management staff to send me home from Barbados. I will never forget that. I forgive, but I will never forget. You went and told the management team that you can’t sleep because Chris Gayle watches TV too late at night. That’s what I got sent home for. In everybody’s eyes, you act like you are this saint, you are this good person. Sarwan, you’re evil, You’re wicked. You’re poison.

Andre Russell also lashed our at the franchise, termed them ‘weirdest’ team he ever played for:

Russell said he would continue to perform for the team regardless. I’m a free spirit player. If I’m not the captain I’m fine, I’m happy. The communication was the biggest problem when it comes to all of this. Up till now, I don’t know anything that is going on. I don’t know anything that was happening in the Jamaica Tallawahs team. And now it looks like me, Rovman, Floyd Reifer plan up, and I get rid of Chris. Why would I get rid of Chris? Chris has a three-year contract with Tallawahs. You’re not supposed to breach a contract. As a franchise, you can get in trouble with that. All these guys have my number, no-one messages me. I’m not here to fight and say that I want to be the captain because at the end of the day if I wasn’t Tallawahs’ first choice to be the captain, don’t come and offer me the captaincy again. I’m not going to accept it.

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