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Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022 TV Info, Fixtures, Teams

The 2022 Rugby World Cup Sevens will be the eighth edition of the Rugby World Cup Sevens organised by World Rugby. The 2022 tournament, which will again comprise 24 men’s and 16 women’s teams, will be played over three days in one venue in September. It will take place at the Cape Town Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa between 9 and 11 September 2022. A total of 40 teams across both men’s and women’s rugby squads will square off for a chance to win the eighth World Cup Sevens title.

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022 Live Stream & TV Info

You can live stream the Rugby World Sevens 2022 on its official website. A country-by-country breakdown of broadcast partners full detail:

Algeria: BeIN
American Samoa: Fiji TV
Andorra: Canal +
Angola: Super Sport
Anguilla: NBC
Antigua and Barbuda: NBC
Argentina: ESPN Sur
Aruba: NBC
Australia: BeIN
Bahamas: NBC
Bahrain: BeIN
Bajo Nuevo Bank: NBC
Baker Island: NBC
Barbados: NBC
Benin: Super Sport
Bermuda: NBC
Bolivia: ESPN Sur
Bonaire: NBC
Botswana: Super Sport
Brazil: ESPN Sur
British Virgin Islands: NBC
Burkina Faso: Super Sport
Burundi: Super Sport
Cambodia: BeIN
Cameroon: Super Sport
Canada: CBC
Cape Verde: Super Sport
Cayman Islands: NBC
Central African Republic: Super Sport
Chad: BeIN
Chad: Super Sport
Chile: ESPN Sur
Colombia: ESPN Sur
Columbia: NBC
Comoros: Super Sport
Congo: Super Sport
Cook Islands: Fiji TV
Cuba: NBC
Curacao: NBC
Democratic republic of Congo: Super Sport
Djibouti: BeIN
Djibouti: Super Sport
Dominica: NBC
Dominican Republic: NBC
Ecuador: ESPN Sur
Egypt: BeIN
Equatorial Guinea: Super Sport
Eritrea: Super Sport
Ethiopia: Super Sport
Fiji: Fiji TV
France: Canal +
French Polynesia: Fiji TV
Gabon: Super Sport
Gambia: Super Sport
Ghana: Super Sport
Grenada: NBC
Grenadines: NBC
Guadalupe: NBC
Guam: NBC
Guinea: Super Sport
Guinea-Bissau: Super Sport
Haiti: NBC
Hong Kong: BeIN
Howland Bank: NBC
Indonesia BeIN: U-See TV, MNC Vision; K-Vision; VIDIO, TransVision, Tokopedia
Iran: BeIN
Iraq: BeIN
Ivory Coast: Super Sport
Jamaica: NBC
Jarvis Island: NBC
Johnston Atoll: NBC
Jordan: BeIN
Kenya: Super Sport
Kingman Reef: NBC
Kiribati: Fiji TV
Kuwait: BeIN
Laos: BeIN
Lebanon: BeIN
Lesotho: Super Sport
Liberia: Super Sport
Libya: BeIN
Madagascar: Super Sport
Malawi: Super Sport
Malaysia BeIN: Astro, TM
Mali: Super Sport
Martinique: NBC
Mauritania: BeIN
Mauritania: Super Sport
Mauritius: Canal +
Mauritius: Super Sport
Mayotte: Super Sport
Micronesia: Fiji TV
Midway Island: NBC
Monaco: Canal +
Montserrat: NBC
Morocco: BeIN
Mozambique: Super Sport
Namibia: Super Sport
Nauru: Fiji TV
Navassa Island: NBC
Netherlands: Ziggo Sport
Netherlands Antilles: NBC
Nevis: NBC
New Caledonia: Fiji TV
New Zealand: Spark
Niger: Super Sport
Nigeria: Super Sport
Niue: Fiji TV
Oman: BeIN
Palau: Fiji TV
Palestine: BeIN
Papua New Guinea: Fiji TV
Paraguay: ESPN Sur
Peru: ESPN Sur
Philippines: BeIN
Poland: Polsat
Portugal Sport TV: SPORT TV – Home
Puerto Rico: NBC
Qatar: BeIN
Republic of Ireland: RTE
Reunion: Super Sport
Rwanda: Super Sport
Saba: NBC
Samoa: Fiji TV
Sao Tome & Principe: Super Sport
Saudi Arabia: BeIN
Senegal: Super Sport
Serranilla Bank: NBC
Seychelles: Super Sport
Sierra Leone: Super Sport
Singapore BeIN: Starhub, Singtel
Socotra: Super Sport
Solomon Islands: Fiji TV
Somalia: BeIN
Somalia: Super Sport
South Africa: Super Sport
South Sudan: BeIN
Southern Sudan: Super Sport
Spain: MoviStar
Sri Lanka: Supreme TV
St Barts: NBC
St Eustacia’s: NBC
St Helena & Ascension: Super Sport
St Kitts: NBC
St Lucia: NBC
St Maarten: NBC
St Vincent: NBC
Sudan: BeIN
Sudan: Super Sport
Swaziland: Super Sport
Switzerland: Canal +
Syria: BeIN
Tanzania: Super Sport
Thailand BeIN: True Vision, AIS
Togo: Super Sport
Tokelau: Fiji TV
Tonga: Fiji TV
Tortola: NBC
Trinidad and Tobago: NBC
Tunisia: BeIN
Turks and Caicos: NBC
Tuvalu: Fiji TV
Uganda: Super Sport
United Arab Emirates: BeIN
Uruguay: ESPN Sur
US Virgin Islands: NBC
Vanuatu: Fiji TV
Venezuela: ESPN Sur
Wake Island: NBC
Yemen: BeIN
Zambia: Super Sport
Zanzibar: Super Sport
Zimbabwe: Super Sport

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022 Fixtures

All times South African Standard Time (UTC/GMT)

September 09, 2022

08:45 Men’s Pre-Round of 16: Ireland v Portugal
09:07 Men’s Pre-Round of 16: Canada v Zimbabwe
09:29 Men’s Pre-Round of 16: Samoa v Uganda
09:51 Men’s Pre-Round of 16: Scotland v Jamaica
10:23 Men’s Pre-Round of 16: Kenya v Tonga
10:45 Men’s Pre-Round of 16: Wales v Korea
11:07 Men’s Pre-Round of 16: Hong Kong v Uruguay
11:29 Men’s Pre-Round of 16: Germany v Chile
12:11 Women’s Round of 16: Australia v Madagascar
12:33 Women’s Round of 16: USA v Poland
12:55 Women’s Round of 16: Canada v China
13:17 Women’s Round of 16: Fiji v Japan
13:54 Women’s Round of 16: Ireland v Brazil
14:16 Women’s Round of 16: England v Spain
14:39 Men’s Round of 16: England v Ireland/Portugal
15:02 Men’s Round of 16: France v Canada/Zimbabwe
15:39 Men’s Round of 16: USA v Samoa/Uganda
16:01 Men’s Round of 16: New Zealand v Scotland/Jamaica
16:23 Men’s Round of 16: Argentina v Kenya/Tonga
16:45 Men’s Round of 16: Australia v Hong Kong/Uruguay
17:37 Women’s Round of 16: New Zealand v Colombia
18:05 Men’s Round of 16: Fiji v Wales/Korea
18:35 Women’s Round of 16: France v South Africa
19:03 Men’s Round of 16: South Africa v Germany/Chile

September 10, 2022

08:15 Men’s Bowl quarter-finals (ranking 17th to 24th)
09:53 Women’s Challenge quarter-finals (ranking 9th to 16th)
11:32 Men’s Challenge quarter-finals (ranking 9th to 16th)
13:17 Men’s Bowl 21/24 Place semi-finals
14:01 Men’s Bowl semi-finals (ranking 17th to 20th)
15:05 Women’s Challenge 13/16 semi-finals
15:49 Women’s Challenge semi-finals (ranking 9th to 12th)
16:53 Men’s Challenge 13/16 semi-finals
17:37 Men’s Challenge semi-finals (ranking 9th to 12th)
19:07 Women’s and Men’s Championship quarter-finals

September 11, 2022

08:30 Men’s Bowl 23/24 Place
08:52 Men’s Bowl 21/22 Place
09:14 Men’s Bowl 19/20 Place
09:36 Men’s Bowl Final (ranking 17th and 18th)
10:18 Women’s Championship 5/8 Place semi-finals
11:02 Men’s Championship 5/8 Place semi-finals
12:07 Women’s and Men’s Championship semi-finals
14:15 Women’s Challenge 15/16 Place
14:37 Women’s Challenge 13/14 Place
14:59 Women’s Challenge 11/12 Place
15:21 Women’s Challenge Final (ranking 9th and 10th)
15:58 Men’s Challenge 15/16 Place
16:20 Men’s Challenge 13/14 Place
16:42 Men’s Challenge 11/12 Place
17:04 Men’s Challenge Final (ranking 9th and 10th)
17:31 Women’s Championship 7/8 Place
17:53 Women’s Championship 5/6 Place
18:15 Men’s Championship 7/8 Place
18:37 Men’s Championship 5/6 Place
19:01 Women’s Championship Bronze Final
19:25 Men’s Championship Bronze Final
20:17 Women’s Championship Final
20:54 Men’s Championship Final

All Blacks Sevens team (age, provincial union, caps)

Kurt Baker (33, Hawke’s Bay, 50)
Dylan Colllier (31, (Waikato, 46)
Scott Curry (34, Bay of Plenty, 60)
Sam Dickson (32, Canterbury, 63) – co-captain
Moses Leo (25, North Harbour, 4)
Ngarohi McGarvey-Black (26, Ngati Porou East Coast, 18)
Sione Molia (28, Counties Manukau, 44) – co-captain
Tone Ng Shiu (28, Tasman, 32)
Amanaki Nicole (30, Southland, 12)
Lewis Ormond (28, Taranaki, 13)
Akuila Rokolisoa (28, Counties Manukau, 19)
Brady Rush (23, Northland, 4)
Caleb Tangitau (19, Auckland, 6)
Regan Ware (28, Tasman, 46)

Black Ferns Sevens team (age, provincial union, caps)

Michaela Blyde (26, Bay of Plenty, 35)
Kelly Brazier (32, Bay of Plenty, 40)
Stacey Fluhler (26, Bay of Plenty, 29)
Sarah Hirini (29, Manawatu, 49) – captain
Jazmin Felix-Hotham (22, Waikato, 4)
Shiray Kaka (27, Waikato, 17)
Jorja Miller (18, Canterbury, debut)
Risaleeana Pouri-Lane (22, Bay of Plenty, 9)
Alena Saili (23, Bay of Plenty, 22)
Niall Williams (34, Auckland, 31)
Tenika Willison (24, Waikato, 15)
Portia Woodman (31, Northland, 38)

Travelling reserves: Manaia Nuku and Mahina Paul

Ireland Men’s Squad

Jordan Conroy (Buccaneers RFC)
Sean Cribbin (Suttonians RFC)
Billy Dardis (Terenure College RFC) (capt)
Jack Kelly (Dublin University FC)
Terry Kennedy (St. Mary’s College RFC)
Hugo Lennox (Skerries RFC)
Matt McDonald (IQ Rugby)
Harry McNulty (UCD RFC)
Bryan Mollen (Blackrock College RFC)
Chay Mullins (IQ Rugby)
Mark Roche (Lansdowne FC)
Andrew Smith (Clontarf FC/Leinster)

Ireland Women’s Squad

Kathy Baker (Blackrock College RFC)
Megan Burns (Blackrock College RFC)
Stacey Flood (Railway Union RFC)
Katie Heffernan (Railway Union RFC)
Eve Higgins (Railway Union RFC)
Brittany Hogan (Old Belvedere RFC)
Erin King (Old Belvedere RFC)
Emily Lane (Blackrock College RFC)
Kate Farrell McCabe (Suttonians RFC)
Lucy Mulhall (Wicklow RFC) (capt)
Amee-Leigh Murphy Crowe (Railway Union RFC)
Beibhinn Parsons (Blackrock College RFC)

The Springbok Sevens squad 

Cecil Afrika – 2013 RWC; 66 World Series tournaments (1462 points)

Ronald Brown – RWC debut; 8 World Series tournaments (285 points)

Angelo Davids – RWC debut; 9 World Series tournaments (160 points)

Selvyn Davids – 2018 RWC; 27 World Series tournaments (564 points)

Muller du Plessis – RWC debut; 20 World Series tournaments (315 points)

Christie Grobbelaar – RWC debut; 8 World Series tournaments (70 points)

Sako Makata – RWC debut; 16 World Series tournaments (60 points)

James Murphy – RWC debut; 10 World Series tournaments (45 points)

Mfundo Ndhlovu – RWC debut; 10 World Series tournaments (60 points)

Ryan Oosthuizen – 2018 RWC; 32 World Series tournaments (160 points)

JC Pretorius – RWC debut; 20 World Series tournaments (225 points)

Siviwe Soyizwapi (captain) – 2018 RWC; 40 World Series tournaments (670 points)

Impi Visser – RWC debut; 21 World Series tournaments (115 points)

Shaun Williams – RWC debut; 7 World Series tournaments (80 points)

The Springbok Women’s Sevens squad

Marlize de Bruin – RWC debut; 1 World Series tournament

Kirsten Eastes – RWC debut; 1 World Series tournament

Nolwazi Hlabangane – RWC debut; 1 World Series tournament

Felicia Jacobs – RWC debut; 1 World Series tournament

Lerato Makua – RWC debut; 1 World Series tournament

Unathi Mali – RWC debut; 2 World Series tournaments

Ayanda Malinga – RWC debut, 1 World Series tournament (10 points)

Zintle Mpupha – 2018 RWC; 6 World Series tournaments (40 points)

Simamkele Namba – RWC debut

Asisipho Plaatjies – RWC debut; 1 World Series tournament

Nadine Roos – 2018 RWC; 5 World Series tournaments (79 points)

Mathrin Simmers – 2013, 2018 RWC; 14 World Series tournaments (35 points)

Sizophila Solontsi – RWC debut; 2 World Series tournaments

Eloise Webb – 2018 RWC; 5 World Series tournaments (7 points)

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