Nazmul not sure about BPL in December-January

Nazmul not sure about BPL in December-January Window

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hasan has cast doubts over hosting the upcoming edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL T0), stressing that there will be no cricket in the country without improvement in the COVID-19 situation or the arrival of a vaccine. Nazmul’s announcement of the board being nowhere close to resuming cricket comes days after Bangladesh’s ministry of youth and sports gave their go-ahead for sports and training programs to restart on a limited scale across the country. DPL, the country’s most prestigious 50-over tournament, has been postponed after the first round of matches in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Nazmul said: As far as BPL is concerned we can host it if the corona situation improves or there is the arrival of the vaccine. If the condition improves we can start everything otherwise not. There is no certainty that everything will be fine if the vaccine comes. If a vaccine comes, then a trial will be held and then people will apply it. For all the process, we need some more time. It will be extremely difficult in Bangladesh to get foreign cricketers and I don’t think they will be available. Look, India cannot do IPL; they are hosting it elsewhere, but even then lots of cricketers are not coming at least initially. No one can guarantee who will come. Say we start the game with 20 to 25 cricketers and they are negative but at one point they become positive while playing. Because there is no guarantee how it will effect we have to take the decision carefully. The league can resume on two conditions. Firstly if the corona situation improves or the vaccine arrives. There is logic behind starting the league without these two elements. There are some countries trying to resume cricket but apart from England, there is no cricket anywhere. There is no point in bringing trouble by trying to show our courage. Another thing is that we don’t start cricket here right away. But we think our team will go to Sri Lanka because Sri Lanka and New Zealand are safer than us. There are no new cases of coronavirus, except some cases of corona in New Zealand for which lockdown has been reimposed there. No corona positive in Sri Lanka have been detected though. It’d be better to tour there. We think going to Sri Lanka is safe for us. Already we have missed a few schedules. Australia and New Zealand were scheduled to tour Bangladesh. We’ve a Test against Pakistan remaining. We have also toured Ireland. Already we have prepared almost a schedule of all the suspended games of the tours. No game is missed except Australia. We are yet to confirm the schedule against Australia because it is not only us but even they can’t match a schedule with us. Barring it, we can play every series in the upcoming days. I won’t reveal what I have spoken with him but all I can say is that he can join whenever his suspension is over. We are eagerly waiting when he can join us. There are fitness and other things related to his comeback and he needs to be prepared as well. I have spoken with him and he will come back at the end of this month and I am hoping he will go to Sri Lanka and play for us. We can look at him from now onward and our physio can check his fitness on one to one basis. And if he goes to Sri Lanka we can assess him there as well.

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