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French Ligue 1 2021/22 TV Guide, Fixtures, Squads

French Ligue 1 2021/22 Live Streaming + TV Channel Listings, TV Broadcast Rights

beIN Sports holds the official broadcasting rights to stream all the matches of 2021/22 French Ligue 1 in Canada, United States, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Turkey and MENA countries.

Amazon has acquired the broadcasting rights to 80 percent of available matches of 2021-22 Ligue 1. The Le Pass Ligue 1 channel, which will show around 300 matches per month, will cost €12.99 per month to Amazon Prime users in Europe. There is no official broadcaster of the Ligue 1 for 2021-22 season on TV or live streaming in India.

Pay-TV broadcasters Canal Plus Afrique and Kwesé Sports have secured media rights to French soccer’s top-flight 2021-22 French Ligue 1 in sub-Saharan Africa. Canal Plus Afrique has been awarded the French-language rights and Kwesé Sports picking up the English and Portuguese-language rights to the league.

Football fans from France can enjoy live TV coverage of French Ligue 1 2021-22 on Amazon Prime and Canal+ TV channels and digital platforms. Irish fans can watch live streaming of Ligue 1 on BT sports. Whereas United Kingdom (UK) soccer fans can watch live TV telecast of all 380 matches of Ligue 1 on BT Sports (2).

Football fans from Germany can watch 2021-22 French Ligue 1 on DAZN and Sport1 TV channels and digital platforms like app and website. ESPN has acquired official broadcasting rights of all the matches of 2021-22 French Ligue 1 in Central America, Mexico and Brazil. Spanish Football fans can watch live streaming of Ligue 1 2021-22 on Movistar+ TV Channel.

French Ligue 1 2021-22 TV Coverage can be watched on these channels – Albania: Digitalb, Austria: DAZN, Bosnia and Herzegovia: TV Arena Sport, Bulgaria: NOVA, CIS, Baltics: Setanta Eurasia, Cyprus: Cablenet, Czech Republic: Slovakia Sport 1, Denmark: TV3 Sport, Finland: Viasat, Germany: DAZN, Greece: NOVA, Hungary: Digisport, Ireland: BT Sport

Italy: DAZN, Kosovo: Digitalb, TV Arena, North Macedonia: TV Arena Sport, Norway: Viasat, Eleven Sports, Canal+ Poland, Portugal: Eleven Sports, Romania: Digisport, Look TV, Russia: Match TV, Slovenia: Sport TV, Spain: Movistar, Sweden: Viasat, Switzerland: Blue, CANAL+, Turkey: beIN Sports, UK: BT Sport, Ukraine: Megogo, North Africa/Middle East: beIN Sports, North Africa/Middle East: TV5 Maghreb-Orient

Israel: The Sports Channel, Sub-Saharan Africa: Canal+ Afrique, TV5 Afrique, Australia, New Zealand: beIN Sports, China: CCTV, China: Suning / PP Sports, Hong-Kong: beIN Sports, i-cable, Indonesia, Philippines: beIN Sports, Japan: DAZN, Macau: Macau Cable TV, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore: beIN Sports, Myanmar: Skynet

South Korea: SBS, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos: beIN Sports, Vietnam: SCTV, Pan-Regional: TV5 Asie, TV5 Pacifique, Brazil: One Football, Canada: beIN Sports, Canada: TV5 Quebec Canada, One Soccer, South America (exclu. Brazil), Central America, Caribbean: ESPN Sur, South America (exclu. Brazil): DirecTV, USA: beIN Sports, TV5 Etats Unis, Pan-Regional: TV5 Amérique Latine

What TV Channel is French Ligue 1 is on/Where & How to Watch Live Streaming of Ligue 1

TV Channel/Broadcasting Rights

Brazil ESPN
Canada beIN Sports
Caribbean ESPN
Central America ESPN
Mexico ESPN
South America ESPN
United States beIN Sports
Australia beIN Sports
Brunei beIN Sports
Cambodia beIN Sports
India No Broadcast
Central Asia Setanta Sports
China Migu
Hong Kong beIN Sports
Indonesia beIN Sports
Japan TBA
Laos beIN Sports
Macau Macau Cable TV
Thailand beIN Sports
Vietnam VTV Cab
Albania SuperSport
Andorra TBA
Armenia Setanta Sports
Austria DAZN
Malaysia beIN Sports
Myanmar TBA
New Zealand beIN Sports
Philippines beIN Sports
Singapore beIN Sports
South Korea SBS Sports
Tajikistan Varzish TV, Futbol TV
Azerbaijan Setanta Sports
Belarus Setanta Sports
Bosnia & Herzegovina Arena Sport
Bulgaria Diema Sport
Croatia Arena Sport
Cyprus Nova Sports
Czech Republic Nova Sport
Denmark TBA
Estonia Setanta Sports
Greece Nova Sports
Hungary Digi Sport
Ireland BT Sport
Finland TBA
Georgia Setanta Sports
Germany DAZN
Italy Sky Sport
Kosovo ArtMotion
Latvia Setanta Sports
Liechtenstein TBA
Lithuania Setanta Sports
Luxembourg TBA
Moldova Setanta Sports
Norway TBA
Poland Eleven Sports, Canal+
Montenegro Arena Sport
Netherlands Ziggo Sport
North Macedonia Arena Sport
Portugal Eleven Sports
Romania Digi Sport, Look Sport
Russia Match TV
San Marino Sky Sport
Serbia Arena Sport
Slovakia Nova Sport
Slovenia Arena Sport
Spain Movistar
Sweden Viasat
Switzerland Canal+
Turkey beIN Sports
Ukraine MEGOGO
United Kingdom BT Sport
Israel Sport 5
MENA beIN Sports
Sub-Saharan Africa Canal+

French Ligue 1 2021/22 Full Schedule, Time Table, Fixtures, Live Score

August 7, 2021

Monaco vs Nantes (1 – 1)
Lyon vs Brest (1 – 1)
Troyes vs PSG (1 – 2)
Rennes vs Lens (1 – 1)
St-Étienne vs Lorient (1 – 1)
Nice vs Reims (0 – 0)
Strasbourg vs Angers (0 – 2)
Bordeaux vs Clermont Foot (0 – 2)
Metz vs Lille (3 – 3)
Montpellier vs Marseille (2 – 3)

Sunday 15th August, 2021

Angers vs Lyon
Brest vs Rennes
Clermont vs Troyes
Lille vs Nice
Lorient vs Monaco
Marseille vs Bordeaux
Nantes vs Metz
Paris Saint-Germain vs Strasbourg
RC Lens vs St Etienne
Reims vs Montpellier

Sunday 22nd August, 2021

Bordeaux vs Angers
Brest vs Paris Saint-Germain
Lyon vs Clermont
Metz vs Reims
Monaco vs RC Lens
Montpellier vs Lorient
Nice vs Marseille
Rennes vs Nantes
St Etienne vs Lille
Strasbourg vs Troyes

Sunday 29th August, 2021

Angers vs Rennes
Clermont vs Metz
Lille vs Montpellier
Marseille vs St Etienne
Nantes vs Lyon
Nice vs Bordeaux
RC Lens vs Lorient
Reims vs Paris Saint-Germain
Strasbourg vs Brest
Troyes vs Monaco

Sunday 12th September, 2021

Bordeaux vs RC Lens
Brest vs Angers
Lorient vs Lille
Lyon vs Strasbourg
Metz vs Troyes
Monaco vs Marseille
Montpellier vs St Etienne
Nantes vs Nice
Paris Saint-Germain vs Clermont
Rennes vs Reims

Sunday 19th September, 2021

Angers vs Nantes
Clermont vs Brest
Marseille vs Rennes
Nice vs Monaco
Paris Saint-Germain vs Lyon
RC Lens vs Lille
Reims vs Lorient
St Etienne vs Bordeaux
Strasbourg vs Metz
Troyes vs Montpellier

Wednesday 22nd September, 2021

Angers vs Marseille
Lille vs Reims
Lorient vs Nice
Lyon vs Troyes
Metz vs Paris Saint-Germain
Monaco vs St Etienne
Montpellier vs Bordeaux
Nantes vs Brest
RC Lens vs Strasbourg
Rennes vs Clermont

Sunday 26th September, 2021

Bordeaux vs Rennes
Brest vs Metz
Clermont vs Monaco
Lyon vs Lorient
Marseille vs RC Lens
Paris Saint-Germain vs Montpellier
Reims vs Nantes
St Etienne vs Nice
Strasbourg vs Lille
Troyes vs Angers

Sunday 3rd October, 2021

Angers vs Metz
Lille vs Marseille
Lorient vs Clermont
Monaco vs Bordeaux
Montpellier vs Strasbourg
Nantes vs Troyes
Nice vs Brest
RC Lens vs Reims
Rennes vs Paris Saint-Germain
St Etienne vs Lyon

Sunday 17th October, 2021

Bordeaux vs Nantes
Brest vs Reims
Clermont vs Lille
Lyon vs Monaco
Marseille vs Lorient
Metz vs Rennes
Montpellier vs RC Lens
Paris Saint-Germain vs Angers
Strasbourg vs St Etienne
Troyes vs Nice

Sunday 24th October, 2021

Lille vs Brest
Lorient vs Bordeaux
Marseille vs Paris Saint-Germain
Monaco vs Montpellier
Nantes vs Clermont
Nice vs Lyon
RC Lens vs Metz
Reims vs Troyes
Rennes vs Strasbourg
St Etienne vs Angers

Sunday 31st October, 2021

Angers vs Nice
Bordeaux vs Reims
Brest vs Monaco
Clermont vs Marseille
Lyon vs RC Lens
Metz vs St Etienne
Montpellier vs Nantes
Paris Saint-Germain vs Lille
Strasbourg vs Lorient
Troyes vs Rennes

Sunday 7th November, 2021

Bordeaux vs Paris Saint-Germain
Lille vs Angers
Lorient vs Brest
Marseille vs Metz
Nantes vs Strasbourg
Nice vs Montpellier
RC Lens vs Troyes
Reims vs Monaco
Rennes vs Lyon
St Etienne vs Clermont

Sunday 21st November, 2021

Angers vs Lorient
Brest vs RC Lens
Clermont vs Nice
Lyon vs Marseille
Metz vs Bordeaux
Monaco vs Lille
Paris Saint-Germain vs Nantes
Rennes vs Montpellier
Strasbourg vs Reims
Troyes vs St Etienne

Sunday 28th November, 2021

Bordeaux vs Brest
Lille vs Nantes
Lorient vs Rennes
Marseille vs Troyes
Monaco vs Strasbourg
Montpellier vs Lyon
Nice vs Metz
RC Lens vs Angers
Reims vs Clermont
St Etienne vs Paris Saint-Germain

Wednesday 1st December, 2021

Angers vs Monaco
Brest vs St Etienne
Clermont vs RC Lens
Lyon vs Reims
Metz vs Montpellier
Nantes vs Marseille
Paris Saint-Germain vs Nice
Rennes vs Lille
Strasbourg vs Bordeaux
Troyes vs Lorient

Sunday 5th December, 2021

Bordeaux vs Lyon
Lille vs Troyes
Lorient vs Nantes
Marseille vs Brest
Monaco vs Metz
Montpellier vs Clermont
Nice vs Strasbourg
RC Lens vs Paris Saint-Germain
Reims vs Angers
St Etienne vs Rennes

Sunday 12th December, 2021

Angers vs Clermont
Brest vs Montpellier
Lille vs Lyon
Metz vs Lorient
Nantes vs RC Lens
Paris Saint-Germain vs Monaco
Reims vs St Etienne
Rennes vs Nice
Strasbourg vs Marseille
Troyes vs Bordeaux

Wednesday 22nd December, 2021

Bordeaux vs Lille
Clermont vs Strasbourg
Lorient vs Paris Saint-Germain
Lyon vs Metz
Marseille vs Reims
Monaco vs Rennes
Montpellier vs Angers
Nice vs RC Lens
St Etienne vs Nantes
Troyes vs Brest

Sunday 9th January, 2022

Angers vs St Etienne
Bordeaux vs Marseille
Brest vs Nice
Clermont vs Reims
Lille vs Lorient
Lyon vs Paris Saint-Germain
Metz vs Strasbourg
Montpellier vs Troyes
Nantes vs Monaco
RC Lens vs Rennes

Sunday 16th January, 2022

Lorient vs Angers
Marseille vs Lille
Monaco vs Clermont
Nice vs Nantes
Paris Saint-Germain vs Brest
Reims vs Metz
Rennes vs Bordeaux
St Etienne vs RC Lens
Strasbourg vs Montpellier
Troyes vs Lyon

Sunday 23rd January, 2022

Angers vs Troyes
Bordeaux vs Strasbourg
Brest vs Lille
Clermont vs Rennes
Lyon vs St Etienne
Metz vs Nice
Montpellier vs Monaco
Nantes vs Lorient
Paris Saint-Germain vs Reims
RC Lens vs Marseille

Sunday 6th February, 2022

Lille vs Paris Saint-Germain
Lorient vs RC Lens
Marseille vs Angers
Monaco vs Lyon
Nice vs Clermont
Reims vs Bordeaux
Rennes vs Brest
St Etienne vs Montpellier
Strasbourg vs Nantes
Troyes vs Metz

Sunday 13th February, 2022

Angers vs Strasbourg
Brest vs Troyes
Clermont vs St Etienne
Lyon vs Nice
Metz vs Marseille
Monaco vs Lorient
Montpellier vs Lille
Nantes vs Reims
Paris Saint-Germain vs Rennes
RC Lens vs Bordeaux

Sunday 20th February, 2022

Bordeaux vs Monaco
Lille vs Metz
Lorient vs Montpellier
Marseille vs Clermont
Nantes vs Paris Saint-Germain
Nice vs Angers
RC Lens vs Lyon
Reims vs Brest
Rennes vs Troyes
St Etienne vs Strasbourg

Sunday 27th February, 2022

Angers vs RC Lens
Brest vs Lorient
Clermont vs Bordeaux
Lyon vs Lille
Metz vs Nantes
Monaco vs Reims
Montpellier vs Rennes
Paris Saint-Germain vs St Etienne
Strasbourg vs Nice
Troyes vs Marseille

Sunday 6th March, 2022

Bordeaux vs Troyes
Lille vs Clermont
Lorient vs Lyon
Marseille vs Monaco
Nantes vs Montpellier
Nice vs Paris Saint-Germain
RC Lens vs Brest
Reims vs Strasbourg
Rennes vs Angers
St Etienne vs Metz

Sunday 13th March, 2022

Angers vs Reims
Brest vs Marseille
Clermont vs Lorient
Lille vs St Etienne
Lyon vs Rennes
Metz vs RC Lens
Montpellier vs Nice
Paris Saint-Germain vs Bordeaux
Strasbourg vs Monaco
Troyes vs Nantes

Sunday 20th March, 2022

Angers vs Brest
Bordeaux vs Montpellier
Lorient vs Strasbourg
Marseille vs Nice
Monaco vs Paris Saint-Germain
Nantes vs Lille
RC Lens vs Clermont
Reims vs Lyon
Rennes vs Metz
St Etienne vs Troyes

Sunday 3rd April, 2022

Clermont vs Nantes
Lille vs Bordeaux
Lyon vs Angers
Metz vs Monaco
Montpellier vs Brest
Nice vs Rennes
Paris Saint-Germain vs Lorient
St Etienne vs Marseille
Strasbourg vs RC Lens
Troyes vs Reims

Sunday 10th April, 2022

Angers vs Lille
Bordeaux vs Metz
Brest vs Nantes
Clermont vs Paris Saint-Germain
Lorient vs St Etienne
Marseille vs Montpellier
Monaco vs Troyes
RC Lens vs Nice
Reims vs Rennes
Strasbourg vs Lyon

Sunday 17th April, 2022

Lille vs RC Lens
Lyon vs Bordeaux
Metz vs Clermont
Montpellier vs Reims
Nantes vs Angers
Nice vs Lorient
Paris Saint-Germain vs Marseille
Rennes vs Monaco
St Etienne vs Brest
Troyes vs Strasbourg

Wednesday 20th April, 2022

Angers vs Paris Saint-Germain
Bordeaux vs St Etienne
Brest vs Lyon
Lorient vs Metz
Marseille vs Nantes
Monaco vs Nice
RC Lens vs Montpellier
Reims vs Lille
Strasbourg vs Rennes
Troyes vs Clermont

Sunday 24th April, 2022

Clermont vs Angers
Lille vs Strasbourg
Lyon vs Montpellier
Metz vs Brest
Nantes vs Bordeaux
Nice vs Troyes
Paris Saint-Germain vs RC Lens
Reims vs Marseille
Rennes vs Lorient
St Etienne vs Monaco

Sunday 1st May, 2022

Bordeaux vs Nice
Brest vs Clermont
Lorient vs Reims
Marseille vs Lyon
Monaco vs Angers
Montpellier vs Metz
RC Lens vs Nantes
Rennes vs St Etienne
Strasbourg vs Paris Saint-Germain
Troyes vs Lille

Sunday 8th May, 2022

Angers vs Bordeaux
Brest vs Strasbourg
Clermont vs Montpellier
Lille vs Monaco
Lorient vs Marseille
Metz vs Lyon
Nantes vs Rennes
Nice vs St Etienne
Paris Saint-Germain vs Troyes
Reims vs RC Lens

Saturday 14th May, 2022

Bordeaux vs Lorient
Lyon vs Nantes
Metz vs Angers
Monaco vs Brest
Montpellier vs Paris Saint-Germain
Nice vs Lille
Rennes vs Marseille
St Etienne vs Reims
Strasbourg vs Clermont
Troyes vs RC Lens

Saturday 21st May, 2022

Angers vs Montpellier
Brest vs Bordeaux
Clermont vs Lyon
Lille vs Rennes
Lorient vs Troyes
Marseille vs Strasbourg
Nantes vs St Etienne
Paris Saint-Germain vs Metz
RC Lens vs Monaco
Reims vs Nice

French Lique 1 2021-22 All Team Squads

AS Monaco Squad: Radoslaw Majecki, Alexander Nübel, Vito Mannone, Benjamin Lecomte, Antonio Barreca, Jean Marcelin, Guillermo Maripán, Benoit Badiashile, Axel Disasi, Caio Henrique, Strahinja Pavlovic, Giulian Biancone, Ruben Aguilar, Djibril Sidibé, Chrislain Matsima, Jean Lucas, Cesc Fàbregas, Gelson Martins, Aurelien Tchouameni, Aleksandr Golovin, Youssouf Fofana, Eliot Matazo, Sofiane Diop, Enzo Millot, Keita Baldé, Myron Boadu, Adrien Bongiovanni, Wissam Ben Yedder, Willem Geubbels, Ismail Jakobs, Pietro Pellegri, Anthony Musaba, Krépin Diatta, Kevin Volland, Valentin Decarpentrie, Wilson Isidor.

Nantes Squad: Alban Lafont, Denis Petric, Charly Jan, Abdoulaye Sylla, Anthony Walongwa, Fabio, Nicolas Pallois, Dennis Appiah, Charles Traoré, Thomas Basila, Jean-Charles Castelletto, Sébastien Corchia, Andrei Girotto, Pedro Chirivella, Roli Pereira De Sa, Ludovic Blas, Anthony Limbombe, Abdoulaye Touré, Imran Louza, Batista Mendy, Quentin Merlin, Kalifa Coulibaly, Marcus Coco, Jean-Kévin Augustin, Bridge Ndilu, Randal Kolo Muani, Moses Simon, Renaud Emond, Kader Bamba.

French Ligue 1 2021/22 Preview and Winner’s Rewards

Ligue 1 is top tier French professional Football league. A total number of 20 teams take part in Ligue 1 every year. The French Ligue 1 2021-22 is 84th season of this tournament. The 2021/22 French Ligue is scheduled to be held from 6 August 2021 to 21 May 2022. Top 2 teams from the league qualifies for Champions League group stage. 3rd ranked team in points table at the end of the tournament qualifies for Champions league third qualification round. The 4th ranked team qualifies for Europa league group stage. The fifth ranked team after completion of all matches get to the Europa Conference league play-off round automatically. The bottom two teams are relegated to Ligue 2. While 18th ranked team gets to play Relegation play-offs.

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