Ellyse Perry says WBBL can play Major Role in saving the Summer

Ellyse Perry says WBBL can play Major Role in saving the Summer

Australian women team Star allrounder Ellyse Perry said the Rebel Women’s Big Bash League 2020-21 can play a major role lifting Australian cricket out of the coronavirus (Covid-19) shutdown. Even if international travel restrictions remain in place and visiting teams are unable to tour other countries, Perry says it will create an opportunity for Australian officials to be “really inventive” and for domestic competitions to take centre stage, the WBBL, which could well be the first cricket played this summer if the ban on overseas travel continues, is a strong enough competition to help fill the gap.

Ellyse Perry Says via Cricket Australia:

Potentially the WBBL will play a key role there. It might be the first bit of cricket we see back on Television, because it’s at the start of the summer. It doesn’t look like it will be particularly feasible for many international sporting teams to be able to travel to Australia in the near future, so I guess that puts a real spotlight on what we can do with the domestic products that we’ve got.

The WBBL and the BBL are the biggest in terms of revenue and fan engagement and broadcast deals, but it might be that we have to pay more attention and use some of our other domestic products as a means of keeping cricket on the TV and hopefully generating some more revenue.

I certainly don’t profess to understand many of the revenue streams to their full extent, and obviously, India (coming to Australia) and some of those series are really pivotal in that. Certainly revenue and the health of the game financially is paramount to it continuing to exist and that’s true in any sport.

But at the same time, I think the opportunity it presents is really interesting, too. You always want to build on progress and you never want to go backwards. We’ve set a pretty high bar now with that, but no one’s going to forget that overnight. There was 86,000 people at the ground that night and they hopefully all had an amazing time and there were also hundreds of thousands who tuned in to watch, if not millions.

I think it’s about re-igniting that and I think we’re very, very fortunate that we’ve got the WBBL up and running and not just for a couple of years, but for five years now. It’s a really strong and stable competition and the more we can get people engaging with that, certainly the success of the World T20 gives us, an opportunity to do that.

I don’t think we’re really at too much risk of losing that momentum, but I think as best we can we’d love to harness that and keep everything growing and developing at a rapid rate. But maybe that has to be a bit more realistic given all the circumstances now.

Ellyse Perry confirms she will stay with the Sixers: Star allrounder confirms she will stay with Sydney Sixers in WBBL having come off contract at the end of last season.

Perry says: I think it would have been very hard for me to leave a club that has been incredibly supportive of me. There are some tremendous ties there with being there from the start. I’m really close with (coach) Ben Sawyer and I owe him a lot in terms of my development. It’s also a really great opportunity, in that period of time, to be back in Sydney with my family who still live there. We have missed out for the past few years so it would be good to be there and be successful again.

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