David Warner said “Unlikely” To Tour England And Scotland in these circumstances

David Warner said “Unlikely” To Tour England And Scotland in these circumstances

Australia left-hand opener David Warner thinks their limited-overs tour to England and Scotland looks highly unlikely in the current circumstances due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Australia is slated to play against Scotland in a one-off T20I and scheduled to play against England in three T20Is and three ODIs.

Due to Coronavirus crisis around the globe, cricket tournament postponed and canceled and no one can predict resumption of cricket, the world is under lockdown, even if lockdown lifted, longer it will take for situation to get better and with cricket board likely to face financial crisis, longer the time it takes, even if cricket resume, whether cricket to be played behind the closed doors or will be played without fans in the stadium (which does not seem possible in current crisis). No one knows when cricket does resume, it may be played in front of empty stands with fans excluded (behind closed doors), but that is something Australian opener David Warner hopes can be avoided.

David Warner said

At the moment it’s highly unlikely we’re going to go over there given what’s happened in England. No doubt at all, you want crowds no matter where you go and where you play.

I love playing in England, it’s awesome. You’ve always got someone they always try and rev up, and fortunately for the team, it’s pretty much just me, and that takes a lot of the heat off the other guys.

UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson had also tested positive for COVID-19. Warner said that the coronavirus remains a serious problem throughout the world and there are far important things than just sport being played.

He’s back up on his feet now and that’s fantastic news, but there’s a lot more to this than just sport being played.

The biggest picture is making sure we’re doing all the right things we can to flatten this curve and doing what we can do to play our bit in that. We’ve done a great job so far and all Australians should be credited.

I’m quite thick-skinned and it doesn’t really affect me at all. I just laugh it off and play along with the crowd. We’re there to put bums on seats and hopefully we can entertain the crowd by playing a good brand of cricket. I had one bad series. Broady had my measure, he pitched the ball up and I’ve got to learn from there what I can, and what I can do next time.

What I did well at home this summer was my defense was very good and I really put a big emphasis on that and worked hard on that. And I hope I can work hard to ensuring that same part of my game is taken back over there if I’m lucky enough to keep going that far

It’s a difficult place to bat. The positive I see is that both teams lost their openers quite early in all the games. It was a very difficult place to bat with the new ball last year. So there’s still a lot of positives to come out of it

Warner was last seen in action during the first ODI of the three-match series against New Zealand at the start of this year.

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