Australia tops in men’s Test and T20I while England tops in ODI Rankings

Australia tops in men’s Test and T20I while England tops in ODI Rankings

Australia cricket team has moved to the top of the Test (with 116 points) and T20I (with 278 points) rankings for men while England continues to be on the top of the points table in the men’s ODI rankings after the annual update carried out on Friday, which eliminates results from 2016-17. Australia have reached the top of the world Test rankings for the first time in four years and also claimed the Number one spot in T20I cricket for the first time. Australia remain in fifth spot in the ODI rankings.

India displaced from the top of the Test list for the first time since October 2016 and Pakistan slip in T20I rankings after 27 months as from the first position. India still leads the ICC World Test Championship, a league comprising six series played by each of the top nine Test sides. England consolidate position on top of men’s ODI rankings, increasing lead over second-placed India. South African cricket team has suffered the biggest rating fall of eight points, which sees them drop below Sri Lanka into sixth place.

Australia head coach Justin Langer said:

We recognize how fluid these rankings are, but at this time it was certainly nice to put a smile on our faces. We’ve got lots of work to do to get to be the team that we want to be, but hopefully over the last couple of years not only have we performed well on the field, but also off the field. Certainly, a goal for us has been the World Test Championship but ultimately, we have to beat India in India and we’ve got to beat them when they come back (to Australia). You can only judge yourself as being the best if you beat the best and we’ve got some really tough opposition to come. Getting to No.1 is a great thing, but when you’re No.1, you’re always the hunted. We’ve been the hunters for a while, now we’re the hunted and we need to get better and better. I know how hard it is to win World Cups, everything has to go right. One day, I’d love to see Aaron Finch with all his mates lift that T20 World Cup above his head.

ICC Test rankings

  1.  Australia (116 points)
  2. New Zealand (115)
  3. India (114)
  4. England (105)
  5. Sri Lanka (91)
  6. South Africa (90)
  7. Pakistan (86)
  8. West Indies (79)
  9. Bangladesh (55)
  10. Zimbabwe (18)

ICC ODI rankings

  1. England (127 points)
  2. India (119)
  3. New Zealand (116)
  4. South Africa (108)
  5. Australia (107)
  6. Pakistan (102)
  7. Bangladesh (88)
  8. Sri Lanka (85)
  9. West Indies (76)
  10. Afghanistan (55)

ICC T20I rankings

  1. Australia (278 points)
  2. England (268)
  3. India (266)
  4. Pakistan (260)
  5. South Africa (258)
  6. New Zealand (242)
  7. Sri Lanka (230)
  8. Bangladesh (229)
  9. West Indies (229)
  10. Afghanistan (228)
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