Andre Russell lashes out at Jamaica Tallawahs, says ‘weirdest’ team he ever played for

Andre Russell lashes out at Jamaica Tallawahs, says ‘weirdest’ team he ever played for

Russell said he felt weird clearing his throat on his social media account (via Instagram), but was left with no choice; otherwise, he felt like he had been pushed under the bus and his head would be crushed if it moved backward or forward. But Russell was firm about not staying back at the Tallawahs once his contract expires in 2020.

Andre Rusell says on his Instagram:

I’m a guy that plays to win, and I have won 13 championships (referring to T20 titles). So, I don’t play to lose, If I’m picking a friend I believe in that friend. But the way Tallawahs went about things, that first, they went in in the draft, on the day of the draft, I was trying to reach out to these people, No reply. He says he intends to “clear the air”. During the draft still tried to reach out to these guys. No reply. After the draft, they messaged me and asked me if I was happy with the team picked. I took a while to reply because I was disappointed. The Tallawahs did pick a good team that lost to St Kitts & Nevis Patriots in the Eliminator. However, allrounder claimed things were no better in the 2019 season. This year was way different, this is the weirdest franchise that I have ever played in, and when I mean weird, people that supposed to reach out to you as an individual, and I am not just a normal player in the Jamaica Tallawahs team, I was once a leader. I realize how they look at things and how they do things.

Russell said he was hurt at being treated as a debutant and he was not involved in anything whatsoever with regards to the franchise’s plans. I felt like a first-class player that just made his debut one game ago. Your opinion is not valuable, That’s how I was treated. Even when I ask questions, who you guys planning on retaining? Who you guys planning on buying? I don’t get any answer to that. So, I just leave it. Tallwahs as a franchise has to address “unprofessionalism” in the ways the management has gone about doing things. Addressing unprofessionalism in this team is all about communication. Reifer also spoke to me about his front-foot position, while bowling, which was landing awkwardly and putting pressure on his knee ligaments. However, soon after, Russell claimed Reifer suddenly stopped communicating.

I think this might be my last season for Jamaica Tallawahs. I’m just clearing the air. I have another year’s contract left with the Tallawahs, 2020 season. I’m going to play and try and win because that’s all I play for, but this will be my last because I’ve been getting mixed up with all this shit that is happening, and I can’t be playing cricket and I’m not comfortable. I think another franchise that has been coming last and fifth and fourth will appreciate me more which I am not getting it here. Honestly, I feel messed up about the whole situation. He called Gayle instantly and told him Reifer was potentially going to be the coach. Communication was the problem, right throughout. No one says anything to Chris. No one says anything to me. All of these things happened because of Floyd Reifer gonna be the coach. He doesn’t want to have me as the captain because he wants to have someone he can talk to. Rovman Powell and Floyd Reifer have a good relationship and I respect that. Russell said he would continue to perform for the team regardless. I’m a free spirit player. If I’m not the captain I’m fine, I’m happy. The communication was the biggest problem when it comes to all of this. Up till now, I don’t know anything that is going on. I don’t know anything that was happening in the Jamaica Tallawahs team. And now it looks like me, Rovman, Floyd Reifer plan up, and I get rid of Chris. Why would I get rid of Chris? Chris has a three-year contract with Tallawahs. You’re not supposed to breach a contract. As a franchise, you can get in trouble with that. All these guys have my number, no-one messages me. I’m not here to fight and say that I want to be the captain because at the end of the day if I wasn’t Tallawahs’ first choice to be the captain, don’t come and offer me the captaincy again. I’m not going to accept it.

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